Mid-Year 2014 Graduates?

Mid-Year 2014 Graduates?

Many thousands of 2014 graduates are coming to the job market over the next few weeks in Australia. Are you sufficiently prepared to tackle finding a job amid so much competition?

Graduation can sneak up on us sometimes and once the euphoria of having completed exams and the celebrations have stopped, you may find yourself nearing the end of your University life without having any concrete plans for the future.

  • Do you have a considered career plan, with options and definable goals?
  • Have you structured a logical job search plan with different strategies for different avenues?
  • Where will you earn money while seeking a permanent role?
  • Does your marketing collateral stand out from others?
  • Is your Resume software friendly to ensure it won’t get overlooked by resume harvesters?
  • What about your social media profile – have you checked this recently? Your potential employers will!
  • How good are your interview skills? Would you benefit from interview coaching?

There are many different facets to getting a job and competition remains high, as does graduate unemployment. With limited graduate vacancies, make the most of each and every application and job interview by being the very best you can be.

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And by the way, Congratulations for having successfully achieved your degree!