Values and Privacy Policy

Confidentiality, Value Drivers and Ethical Behaviour are inherently found in our Values and Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously. Confidentiality of both personal and market-sensitive information is central to Katie Adler Consulting’s Values and Privacy Policy:

  • Personal information will not be shared with anyone unless with the express prior consent of the individual.
  • Ensuring confidentiality of market-sensitive information applies both for the client and candidate, as appropriate.
  • Katie Adler Consulting strives to achieve, first and foremost, professionalism in our work. This extends in a holistic way to all those with whom we have dealings.
  • Individuals are valued irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, sexual persuasion or any other criteria.
  • All the services offered by Katie Adler Consulting are conducted within a framework of accuracy, transparency and with a high degree of competency.
  • Katie Adler Consulting is committed to offering services of the utmost professionalism, integrity, discretion and candour.
  • Katie Adler Consulting’s values of integrity and transparency also extend to the fee philosophy.

Understanding how your data is used by Katie Adler is important.

If you require any further information or clarification on our Values and Privacy Policy, please contact us directly.