Career Coaching

Take your Career where You Want It!


Career Coaching will support you whether you’re changing careers, seeking promotion within your current organisation, following retrenchment or redundancy, seeking a new role, in search of your first job or transitioning into retirement.

Perhaps an issue has arisen at work? You may have a specific challenge ahead, or simply want to assess whether you are on track towards your career goals. Maybe you have no idea of what you want to do!

Whatever your career stage, one-on-one career coaching will enable and empower you to manage your career better, will help guide and inform you when considering a major career change and teaches you life-long job search strategies and skills to succeed in following your chosen path.

Originally from a corporate background, Katie Adler had a career transition herself to business owner and qualified career coach in 2011. She is able to provide a pragmatic response to your specific challenges, understands the nature of work, and will offer alternative ideas and strategies for you to consider.

Career coaching meetings are charged at an hourly rate, and conversations are held in strict confidence.

Why not ask Katie how a career assessment tool can help you better understand yourself – your preferences, your values, skills and motivations and from that develop a unique career action plan for you?