Morrisby Online

MorrisbyAccreditedLogoLarge3Morrisby Online offers a reliable career assessment tool for students and adults to assist in their career decision making process.  Morrisby Online is a highly regarded psychometric career assessment tool that accurately measures aptitudes, learning styles and personal working preferences. It was developed in the UK and is used extensively by schools there and in Europe.  Morrisby was introduced into Australia in 2003 and is now used in some 80 high achieving schools across Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and South Australia.

The online version of the Morrisby assessment (Morrisby Online) was created a few years ago to offer greater accessibility, and has enabled Morrisby to offer customers ongoing access to their services at no additional cost. Morrisby Online includes the full battery of tests covering Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Mechanical Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning, as well as a personality questionnaire.

The online assessment takes approximately 1¾ hours to complete and a 20 page report is produced which forms the basis for an in-depth discussion with your Morrisby accredited career practitioner. Katie Adler is both accredited for Morrisby Online and a qualified career practitioner operating from her base in Melbourne.  See Katie’s full bio here.

Whether you are new to Morrisby or have already taken Morrisby and would like a more in-depth feedback and discussion, please contact Katie to book your appointment.

The Morrisby Organisation is quality assured under ISO9001 and the assessment is registered by The British Psychological Society and the Career Development Institute. More information can be found on their official website: