Careers during Coronavirus

Careers during Coronavirus

Does career management belong to our previous life, or is there anything we can be doing to support our careers during coronavirus?

Before we consider if & how we can support careers during coronavirus, let’s firstly tackle the elephant in the room. Coronavirus is here, it’s a pandemic and we should treat it seriously. While it’s creating huge amounts of uncertainty (fear and anxiety) we’ve been lucky in Australia that the virus hit our shores a short time after other countries which gave us enough space to put in place some containment strategies that have been effective. We’ve also seen enough tragic statistics unfold elsewhere that the public here have, by and large, shown responsibility when it comes to adhering to physical distancing and self-isolation guidelines. This has meant that our infection and death rates have been far lower than other countries, and long may that continue.

As we adjust to our new circumstances, many people may be feeling that career management and planning is something that belongs to our previous life. Is there anything that we can, or should be doing in terms of our careers during coronavirus?

The answer is YES!

There is much that we can be doing to position ourselves ready for when the economy wakes up again, and now is the ideal time to be doing this. This down-time provides an excellent respite from our normally busy schedules allowing us to truly reflect on where we want to take our careers, and how to get there. So yes, I’d definitely encourage us to work on our careers during coronavirus.

It’s also a useful strategy – during this extraordinary time of uncertainty and change – to work on things that are within our control. Preparing to take advantage of an upturn in the economy is absolutely in that category.

If you’re currently working, chances are that you’ve managed to navigate your way around the various virtual platforms that we’re using to conduct team meetings and sharing documents. This means that it’s likely you may have some capacity now to reflect on where your career path is heading, and whether this still meets your longer-term goals.

If you were one of the many people who suddenly lost their job due to the domino effects of coronavirus, you may have capacity to not only reflect on your career path, but also have the time to develop a great resume which demonstrates the skills you claim, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to scratch and plan your job search strategy for when the economy fires up again.

It’s likely that once the Federal and State governments give the green light to lift these stringent distancing guidelines, organisations will want to move quickly to hire candidates so they can start generating cash flows asap. You want to be able to ride that wave and to do that, you’ll need to have done the groundwork already.

Resources to help you

There are plenty of resources to assist you as you embark on this work:

  • Search the internet for resume templates (good for ideas – be careful if you actually use them) and focus on identifying your transferable skills and how you can best demonstrate these,
  • use free websites such as myfuture and JobOutlook to generate ideas for courses and careers, or
  • you may be in a position to invest in your future and can use the services of a qualified career practitioner (via the CDAA’s website) to get a personalised career service.

I assure you that careers during coronavirus have not stopped! It might feel that things have ground to a temporary halt and I understand that for some people things are very dire. We are fortunate that the Federal government has put in place a substantial economic package, and while this is not perfect, it is generally helpful. Use this time to reflect and regroup so that you are well positioned to take advantage of career opportunities in the near future.

Free Careers Chat Anyone?

Given our challenging circumstances, I’m extending an offer of a careers chat to all my previous clients, free of charge. If you’d like to do this, please let me know and we’ll schedule a 30min meeting. For new clients, as always – please call me to explore your circumstances and see how I might help you on your career journey. Contact details: 0400 076844 /

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