The Continued Importance of Leadership

The Continued Importance of Leadership

Leadership continues to be discussed, written about and trained for, across the world. It is critical for each and every business to have great leadership because without leaders to execute the strategy, we may as well all go home!

It is not something for Boards and leadership teams to shy away from but embrace with open arms, an open mindset and the ability to properly evaluate the many offerings in the marketplace.  And this last point is particularly true given that the top two challenges identified by the 25,000+ leaders interviewed for the Global Leadership Forecast 2018, are:

  • developing ‘next gen’ leaders, and
  • failing to attract/retain top talent.

The report has some interesting insights so it’s worth reading through when you have a spare moment. For me the other particularly interesting area was to see the difference between the HR Self-Perception ratings and how leaders see HR (page 50).

While there has been some general improvement in the perception of the HR function within businesses, HR are still considered mostly reactive rather than anticipatory.  To address the challenge of being able to attract high calibre talent in a timely manner, this reactivity is a major obstacle (as is employing junior volume recruiters to hire senior leaders).

Only when a business brings in the appropriate level of expertise for this critical role will you start seeing improvements in your ability to hire top talent, and the building of warm pipelines in anticipation of staff movements. For me, this “overhead” is a necessary investment to address the top two current challenges identified by organisations. When businesses both recognise and act on this they will surge ahead of the pack.

Yes, the picture here is of a football – a very topical reminder of the need for leadership (and organisations) to successfully score goals in order to win!

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