Career Assessment Tools

Career assessment provides insight into a variety of personal attributes such as your motivations, strengths, interests, values, preferences, learning styles, aptitudes and skills that will increase your understanding of where your future career lies. Assessments provide a credible source of data for both you and your career coach to work with, and supports you in making more informed choices that in turn leads to more satisfying and successful career outcomes.

Assessments are taken online and you will receive a printed report to discuss during feedback. There are no ‘right or wrong’ answers and this is not a test! The detailed feedback you receive ensures you obtain the maximum understanding, insight and benefit from the information.

Katie is accredited in these career assessment tools:

  • Morrisby Online Report –  used in many Australian schools,
  • Strong Interest Inventory (SII),  and
  • Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM), among others.

These tools have been stringently developed and tested and have been found both valid and reliable. As each tool focuses on a slightly different aspect, it is important to understand which one is the most appropriate.  Please contact Katie directly to discuss which is the best suited for your circumstances.