Interview Coaching

Prepare for interview success! Interview skills, like any other skills, get better with understanding and practice. Interview Coaching will enable you to:

  • Understand the rationale behind behavioural and other questions at interview
  • Understand what makes a good answer, demonstrating your expertise in the process
  • Practice responding succinctly and with confidence to interview questions through extensive role play

Our two-hour interview coaching program incorporates Top Grading principles often used by multi-nationals, as well as Competency Based interview techniques along with general interview help and advice.

Katie Adler has delivered interview coaching to both groups and individuals and is a nationally accredited trainer. Katie’s expertise has been acquired from more than 12 years in global executive search firms where she interviewed numerous candidates and coached many successful interviewees. She has an in-depth understanding of interview structures and of the responses employers are seeking.

Prepare now either for a specific interview or as part of your job-search preparations by mastering the skills and art of competency-based interviews. Understand the techniques used by recruiters and hiring managers, polish up your skills and improve the frequency of jobs you are offered.