Leadership Assessment

How well do you currently understand your team’s motivations, and do they communicate effectively across the business? Could accurate leadership assessment help achieve much better results from your team and for the business?

The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) is a powerful and highly accurate typology assessment instrument designed to assess and understand your motivations. As our motivation drives both our personal and working life, it is an ideal personal and professional development tool which will impact a person holistically.

Developed by Mark Oliver, and with a proven 82% accuracy rate, neuroscience research has been shown to validate the basis of the UHM instrument making it ideal for leadership assessment, mentoring, counselling and coaching in support of professional, personal and team development.

The UHM Report is best used as an integral part of career coaching and development programs such as those offered by Katie Adler. By understanding your motivations, you will increase your level of self-awareness and by extension, facilitate better influence, interactions and relationships across teams and wider groupings. Katie is an accredited facilitator of the Universal Hierarchy of Motivation instrument and is able to provide insightful and in-depth feedback.

Individual motivation and capability are the two most important factors that organisations assess when hiring and to base promotion decisions on – and of these, motivation is the critical one.  Why?  Because without motivation the potential level of ability is nothing more than potential. International studies have found that team members who were fully engaged in their work were almost 50% more productive in terms of revenue generation and 300% better at delivering value than their disengaged or disaffected colleagues.

How powerful is it then that you, as an individual, understand your motivations, and for an organisation to understand and be able to predict their leaders’ motivations?