Morrisby Online for Year 9 Students

Morrisby Online for Year 9 Students

I am lucky enough to be part of the team in Victoria delivering the feedback interviews for Morrisby Online to Year 9 students in public schools. This is a two year initiative from the Andrews State Government to help students better understand themselves, and understand how their strengths, interests and personality traits influence which career options are aligned to their skill set.

What will I ‘be’ when I grow up?

Having now worked in several schools including select entry, and sought after zoned schools to deliver the Morrisby Online to Year 9 students, I can say with confidence that the Morrisby tool is extremely well received by the students. I have also been using Morrisby Online with clients for several years now. It is a very robust tool, with high validity rates in both Australia and the UK, where it originates from. It is delightful to sit with students and unpack their profile with them, and help them navigate the interactive Careers exploration function online. It really helps in answering that huge question of ‘what will I be when I grow up?’. It removes that anxiety hanging over students as they enter their final years of school, allowing them to concentrate on their studies knowing that they have clear career goals to work towards.

Can Older Students access Morrisby Online?

I have had several students and parents asking whether this tool is available for non-Year 9 students. The answer is YES, but not through this funding from the State government. If you are interested in accessing the tool for older students who are further along in their schooling but still need help identifying their career direction, you will need to engage a qualified Careers Practitioner, accredited in Morrisby Online, to help you.

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