Outplacement for Organisations

Provide Tailored Outplacement to your Workers Because your Reputation Matters

jobsearchProviding career transition programs for employees ensures vital practical support during a period of enforced change and engenders positivity towards your organisation. Katie Adler has developed the ‘Outplacement for Organisations’ program to help you achieve a smoother transition period and meet company obligations.

Katie Adler’s flexible outplacement service can be delivered to small groups or to individuals, and is tailored to their specific requirements. Sessions can be delivered as a one-off group workshop, or in a series of meetings for individuals. Services may include:

  • Site attendance during retrenchment announcements
  • Individual career coaching sessions to provide advice and support during the transition phase and beyond
  • Self-awareness development
  • Group-based ‘Job Search Workshops’, providing an overview of current recruitment trends, advice regarding job search strategy and practical skills for effective resume development and social media branding
  • Group-based ‘Interview Skill Workshops’ providing the understanding and skills required to successfully navigate through competency interviews, plus extensive role play that aids skill acquisition
  • Using the powerful and highly accurate ‘Universal Hierarchy of Motivation’ typology instrument to understand personal motivations. This holistic instrument is ideal for mentoring, counselling and coaching to support professional, personal and team development.

All group workshops and individual programs are accompanied with useful Workbooks to assist individuals in developing their job search skills.

Often an update and refresher in these skills is just what Managers and Executives need to regain the confidence and motivation to tackle finding the next role. Our expertise lies in giving individuals the understanding, skills and support they need in these areas.