Recipient of Sue Seawright Award for Excellence 2016

Recipient of Sue Seawright Award for Excellence 2016

I was delighted, and surprised, to be chosen as the 2016 recipient of the Sue Seawright Award last week. Recognising excellence of a career practitioner and voted for by peers, the award was presented by Stephen Wyatt, the Victorian President of the Careers Development Association of Australia (CDAA) at a professional development/annual awards & recognition evening at the end of November 2016.

Here’s an extract from the CDAA‘s press release….

Katie Adler said she was very flattered to be the 2016 recipient, knowing the award had a “special place in many people’s hearts”.  In addition to her excellence as a private practitioner, Ms Adler was chosen for the award due to her hard work coordinating CDAA volunteers for the Victorian expos. 

“I feel that the peer recognition is not just for me, but a shared recognition for the many CDAA volunteers who contribute to the amazing work that we do at the expos.  It is little wonder that there is a queue at the CDAA stand, and I love that we are often able to see extra people because volunteers are willing to stay beyond their allocated hours.”

Ms Adler said the association had played a huge part in her own transition into the career development space. 

“I have received such generosity of advice and ideas from many sources, have made some good friends and have enjoyed working alongside so many of the Victorian members,” she said. 

“I like to draw a simile between my work in executive search and career development to that of completing a 1,000 piece jigsaw where many different pieces need to fit together,” she said.

“Some areas of the jigsaw are easier to complete than others, other areas are dull and require real tenacity, some are inspiring. Sometimes you can start to put the middle pieces together even if it doesn’t join the edges yet, but ultimately everything joins up to make the complete picture.”

Half a decade into her private practice, Ms Adler said it provides many challenges but the diversity of clients and their particular circumstances makes every meeting a different one. She said the personal fulfilment when it all comes together is priceless, and knows this sense of purpose is shared among her fellow career practitioners.