Self-Reflection in Career Terms

Self-Reflection in Career Terms

Students incorporate self-reflection as part of their learning nowadays. It enables them to better understand, evaluate (both the subject & their performance), assess and provides an invaluable tool to self-regulate in the future.

For those of us who are older, self-reflection is something that we have had to pick up along the way – either being forced to do so through life’s trials (experiential learning), or maybe we’ve been taught this skill in the course of some professional training (mediated learning).

In career terms, self-reflection is an incredibly important thing to do. Without an honest appreciation of yourself, personal growth is difficult, to say the least. In the course of my Career Coaching programs I prepare clients for some, often unwelcome, home-truths. Clients can be genuinely surprised by what they find, others are more cognizant of themselves, but certainly all find it beneficial in a specific context and a powerful tool for the future.

How do you begin the process?  Through a number of avenues – taking a typology assessment such as the Universal Hierarchy of Motivation will provide you with a quality and rich source of insightful information, but more than anything, it’s about finding the time & space to focus on you, being truthful with yourself, asking the right questions to others & of yourself, and of course being analytical in your process.

Are you able to self-reflect honestly and how valuable do you find self-reflection, either on a day-to-day basis or when tackling a particular project?