Strong Interest Inventory Assessment

Strong Interest Inventory Certified

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) is one of the most respected and widely used career planning and employee suitability instruments utilised globally by the corporate sector, educational organisations and for individual career planning.

It is ideal for those wanting to explore career options, for those considering a career change or transition and for those seeking to improve their level of satisfaction through work.  Companies will often use the Strong instrument to gauge their employees’ interests to better match them to positions within the organisation and thereby increase retention rates.

Although the Strong Interest Inventory was developed c.85 years ago, a major review and update occurred in 2012 which included Holland’s RIASEC General Occupational Themes and added 260 Occupational Scales, providing clients with a variety of detailed career options to consider, relevant to current job opportunities.

The Strong Interest Inventory is best used as an integral part of a wider career coaching and development program such as those offered by Katie Adler, but it can also be delivered as a stand-alone service.  Katie Adler is a fully qualified and certified administrator of the Strong instrument and is able to provide in-depth and invaluable feedback to individuals.  Click here to find out more about the Strong Interest Inventory®.