Focus on … Successful People

Focus on … Successful People

Successful people, from whatever sector or continent, tend to share a number of traits. While the majority of us operate in a lower orbit, it is worth understanding that some of these traits can be actively enhanced by our thoughts and actions, and so have a huge positive impact in our lives – both at a personal level and within our working environment.

Successful People are Confident: they are not afraid to be wrong and can accept that sometimes they are not right. Getting to and understanding the truth is much more important than being right.

Successful People are Grateful: They count their blessings each and every day. Focus on the good and positive things in life.

Successful People Listen more than they Speak: They ask good questions in an effort to understand more. They don’t brag about what they already know.

Successful People are Generous: They are prepared to share what they have with you – be it knowledge, contacts, ideas, and so on. They operate on the basis of reciprocity.

Successful People Love their Work: Life is too short to be doing something you really hate, (unless it is part of a longer term strategy to achieve a specific goal). It can be soul destroying and debilitating.

Successful People take Responsibility: They understand that they are in control of their life and can take decisions that will change their life path. They don’t resort to blaming others for their misfortune. They feel empowered and act accordingly.

Successful People Strive for Continuous Improvement: Retaining an open mindset ensures they are on top of their game. Consider formal education as well as more ad hoc type extension. Our minds need the stimulation of different perspectives and ideas to keep it creative and nimble.

Successful People know their Goals: Setting life goals is crucial in ensuring you reach them. Goals can be set across all spheres of life – financial, physical, personal, emotional, as well as career goals. Without goal setting, we have no direction in life and drift aimlessly without a sense of purpose.

Successful People are Straightforward: there is no game playing. They are honest and transparent, and act on their word. Others find them trustworthy – a pre-requisite for gaining credibility and building long term relationships.

Fortunately for us, none of these traits are difficult to acquire if we put our mind to it. And if you do adopt strategies to enhance these traits, you will rapidly find others being drawn to you and you yourself will gain a profound sense of well-being. Why not give it a go – what have you got to lose??