There’s work to be done over Christmas!

There’s work to be done over Christmas!

Don’t let your guard down; there’s work to be done over Christmas!  Along with the social gatherings and a well-earned break over the next few weeks, don’t lose sight of potential opportunities to both network and kick start your 2015 job search early on in January.

Not all companies want to wait until February to begin their hiring process.  Some will be eager to hire in January, wanting to start the New Year off with new hires ready to jump onboard or in the pipeline.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that nothing will happen on the job front during January! The process may take a little longer, but companies will still be hiring straight after Christmas.

Here are some things to think about as you head off for a few weeks R&R to help get you started:

  • Preparation: Use some ‘down-time’ to reflect on your Resume and LinkedIn profiles. Are they up to scratch? Are they ready to go? Do they portray and explain the combination and value of your skills, experience and technical knowledge to the maximum? Have you adequately shown the achievements you’ve made to an organisation’s bottom line?
  • Social Network: Approach social functions you attend as potentially useful networking opportunities. I’m constantly amazed at just how small the world (or Australia) is! You’ll bump into people who know people that you know & it’s important to not only leave a good impression but to think how these new contacts might be able to assist you as you go forward. People are rarely unhelpful if you ask them the right way.
  • Continue Current Networking: Let people know discreetly that you may be open to conversations regarding new opportunities. It’s fascinating how a conversation can travel new paths once that is out in the open.
  • Follow Up with Contacts: Once the holiday period is over, find a reason to follow up with those people you’ve met – suggest a face-to-face meeting to explore an opportunity further; send across your Resume; bring an article of interest to their attention; introduce them to someone that they want to meet, etc. Build on that initial meeting.
  • Mentor/Mentee: Consider extending yourself by finding a new mentor and/or mentee. What about getting mentored by someone younger than yourself? It’s challenging but I can guarantee you’ll learn some interesting things along the way. Put feelers out to identify a suitable mentor/mentee.

Don’t forget to have some good rest during the holiday break, but bounce back to work with renewed determination in the knowledge that 2015 will be the start of a successful job search and will lead to a challenging and fulfilling new role.

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